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Here's What People Are Saying About Hyaena:

DO YOUR BALLS ITCH? What is irritating you so much to make you so hateful
by bashing my brother? I feel sorry for you and think that you should take up knitting
instead of criticizing art and the artists that actually have talent, unlike yourself.
He should be making even more money for the art that he creates
from his lovely imagination!!
LORI RYDEN, sister of famous person - October 9, 2009

horribly rendered shock art that is impotent. That's the critique of most
of the pieces that spew from your gallery.
RICK DIETZ, graphic designer (I'm guessing) - June 17, 2010

LINDA DODD, self-proclaimed artist - June 137, 2013

Celebrity Tweets?!?

Charlie Sheen

Miley Cyrus

Jon Favreau

David Arquette

David Arquette

CM Punk

Hyaena on the bookshelves...

"Weirdo Noir"
by Matt Dukes Jordan
(Chronicle Books 2010)

"Murderabilia and True Crime Collecting"
by Steven F. Scouller
(AuthorHouse Books 2010)

"Mosquito and Spider Vol. 1"
by Nicolas Caesar
(Scary Art Comics 2010)

TV & Films Featuring Hyaena & Hyaena Art....

* Anti-Hero Production's "The Cohasset Snuff Film" Trailer
April 2012

* Wes Craven's "Scream 4"
April 2011
 * Daniel Krone's "A Cult Influence"
April 2011

* Diego Anthony Nunez's short film, "Source of Life"
Pt. 1 - December 2010 & Pt. 2 - February 2011

* Robert Galluzzo's "The Psycho Legacy"
November 2010

* Diego Anthony Nunez's short film, "Happy"
October 2010
* MTV's "The Hard Times of RJ Berger"
May 2010

Here's some magazines that dig us....

Hyaena Voted Best
Dark Art Gallery
in LA Weekly
(October 7-13, 2011)

Hyaena, Lorin Morgan-Richards,
& our Rozz Williams Exhibit featured
in Gothic Beauty
(Issue #33, 2011)

Hyaena & artists,
Dienzo & Eric Pigors, featured
in Tattoo Savage
(July 2011)

Hyaena &
our WINNING: Charlie Sheen exhibit
in LA Weekly
(April 1-7, 2011)

Hyaena & artists,
Dienzo & Eric Pigors, featured
in Horror Hound
(Nov. / Dec 2010)

Hyaena, Lorin Morgan-Richards,
& our Rozz Williams Exhibit featured
in French Magazine Dangereux #6

Hyaena Artist,
D.W. Frydendall, featured
in Tattoo Savage
(February 2008)

Hyaena &
artist Stu Mead featured
in LA Weekly
(Sept. 12-18, 2008)

Hyaena &
artist, Gidget Gein,
mentioned in Bizarre
(Jan. 2007)

Hyaena &
artist, Dano, featured
in Femme Fatales
(Sept. 2007)

And here's some press....

10 Interpretations of Legendary Monsters at Hyaena Gallery
By Liz Ohanesian
LA Weekly Art Blog - Published on April 23, 2012

"One can only imagine the kind of nightmares that might stem from hanging Jeremy Cross' homage to one of the scariest movies ever made on a bedroom wall. In Captain Howdy, the local artist captures all the terror of The Exorcist's resident demon. I shivered at first sight of this intense oil painting."

Best Dark Arts Gallery - 2011
By Diamond Bodine-Fischer
LA Weekly - Published on October 7, 2011

"There's an art gallery for absolutely everyone in Los Angeles, even fans of the macabre. Hyaena Gallery carries a large collection of "dark art" prints and original pieces, and frequently hosts similarly themed shows."

Charlie Sheen Inspires 'Winning' Art Show at Hyaena Gallery
By Siran Babayan
LA Weekly Art Blog - Published on April 4, 2011

"He may have been recently booed on stage in Detroit, but Burbank still loves Charlie Sheen.
Though the crazy train that is Sheen's 22-city live tour has yet to schedule L.A. as a stop, the
warlock/tiger/Adonis/violent torpedo of truth himself stopped by Hyaena for Winning: The Charlie
Sheen Exhibit (running through April 15). And what better place to host an art show inspired by
his wacky ramblings than a gallery that specializes in Gothic, horror and serial killer art?"

Hyaena Gallery on the WIN!
By Churn Magazine
Churn Magazine Blog - Published on April 4, 2011

"Everyone knew that on April first outsider art guru Bill Shafer would be hosting a show at
Burbank’s Hyaena Gallery called ‘Winning’in which participating artists would present their
interpretations of the insider/outsider warlock himself…Charlie Sheen. What they didn’t know
however was that Sheen himself would show up in advance, leaving information everywhere that
the ‘Winning’ show had ‘sold out’ before it even opened."

A Preview Of L.A.'s Charlie Sheen Themed Art Exhibition, "Winning"
by Gabriel Bell
Refinery29.com - Published on April 1, 2011

"Charlie Sheen's descent into madness (or rise into awesomeness), has been mana from
heaven for comics, bloggers, T-shirt makers, cable news stations, and pretty much every facet
of modern media. Don't you think it's about time the practitioners of the fine arts got off their troll
asses and started strafing that shit with some creative napalm?"

The Madness of Charlie Sheen
By Derek Thomas
LA Weekly - Published March 2011

"What could possibly be crazier than Charlie Sheen? How about an art show inspired by
Charlie Sheen? Hyaena Gallery's #WINNING takes the actor's madness into the realm of fine
art, with paintings by local artists interpreting Sheen's rants. Must be seen to be believed:
Chuck Hodi's zombified Sheen in charcoal and pastels; Sheen made up as Aladdin Sane,
à la David Bowie album cover, courtesy Jim Wirt; and "Thundercat," Nicolas Caesar's
acrylic-on-canvas take on the self-proclaimed tiger-blooded Adonis. Duh! Winning!"

Hyaena Gallery Presents The Art Of SCREAM 4!
By Robert Galluzzo
Massive Hysteria - Published on November 8, 2010

"If you happen to live anywhere near the Burbank area, then you most likely have heard of the Hyaena Gallery, a unique hot spot where a collective group of local artists congregate and showcase their specific brand of “dark art."

Scream 4 Exclusive: Prop Master Skip Crank & friends reveal the 'Art of Stab'
By John Valeri
Scream Franchise Examiner - Published on November 5, 2010

"The “Art of Stab’ consists of artwork made for and used in the film Scream 4. These original and inspired pieces are currently on display at the Hyaena Gallery"
Scream 4 Art Gallery Photos
By Ryan Turek
Shock Til You Drop - Published on November 8, 2010

"Yours truly swung by the the Hyaena Gallery in Burbank, California this weekend for the shop's Scream 4 art show. Prop vet Skip Crank, who worked on all four Scream entries, brought goodies from the set along with some of his own artwork as well as art featured in the fourth film. Below is a small taste of what's on display."

A Bloody Disgusting Tour of the 'Scream 4' Art Exhibit!
By Chris Eggertsen
Bloody Disgusting - Published on November 16, 2010

"The Hyaena Gallery in Burbank, CA was humming on Saturday night with the opening of "The
Art of Stab", an exhibit featuring Scream-inspired artwork and a whole host of items – courtesy
of prop master extraordinaire Skip Crank – that have been featured in all four films of the
franchise. The artworks were commissioned by the Scream 4 production for use"

Having the Last Laugh - Works in eclectic Burbank art gallery make one squirm — and wonder.
By Melonie Magruder
Burbank Leader - Published on November 14, 2009

"If that sounds too Goth-centric, it’s not. It’s more a sly commentary on underground rebellion and the timeless pleasures afforded by B movies of the 1950s, a keen pursuit of the three-year-old gallery’s proprietor, Bill Shafer."

Jeremy Cross at the Hyaena Gallery
By thehorrorchick
Dread Central - Published on August 26, 2009

"The exhibition, entitled Anatomy of Faith, Cross brings us over 30 different pieces that examines the human condition and its tumultuous relationship with Faith through the catalyst of human anatomy." 

Fiendishly Cute: How MySpace, Gothic Lolita and Pop Surrealism Influenced Dienzo's Vampires.
By Liz Ohanesian
LA Weekly - Published on May 18, 2009

"For his first solo show at Hyaena, the Burbank gallery that champions dark and subversive art,
artist Rick "Dienzo" Blanco looked towards a favorite subject of his youth, vampires, for

Juxtapalooza - The Lowbrow sickness continues to spread, from Burbank to Laguna
By Doug Harvey
LA Weekly - Published on September 09, 2008

"With the rough edges that gave Lowbrow its outlaw reputation smoothed out by this newfound
common ground with the family-values set, and the Art World bending over to assimilate it,
maybe the Juxtapoz juggernaut has arrived at an impasse. Totems, totems everywhere. But
where's the taboo? Turns out it's in Burbank. Hyaena, a little goth boutique/Lowbrow gallery on
Olive Avenue, has become embroiled in controversy due to its most recent show (which closed
September 5). Harkening back to the formative dynamics of the Lowbrow scene, Hyaena is
very much community oriented, providing a venue for several dozen local junior Juxtapozers,
while maintaining an edge by selling artworks by such controversial figures as Charles Manson
and John Wayne Gacy."

Hyaena Gallery : Interviews w/ Bill Shafer, Clint Carney and Jeremy Cross
by M'Lou
Mishmash Magazine - May 9, 2008

"Tucked away in the serene community of Burbank, a treasure trove of eclectic goodies and art exists within the four walls of the Hyaena Boutique and Gallery. Hyaena's head honcho, Bill Shafer, has successfully created an unpretentious, artist-friendly environment where you can indulge your darker side without breaking the bank."

Art About Bukowski at Hyaena Gallery
Photos by Erin Broadley
LA Weekly Art Blog - September 27, 2008

"On Saturday night, September 27, Hyaena Gallery in Burbank held a reception for Art About Bukowski, a group show and book event in honor of Charles Bukowski. The late writer's wife, Linda, stopped by to greet the artists and check out the many portraits done of her husband."

And here's some video Links....

* GNAR We There, Yet? Ep.2: Los Angeles, California
April 2012

* ArtDysfunk covers the legendary Hyaena WINNING exhibit
April 2011
* NBC LA covers Monsterpalooza show 2011. Dig Hyaena at :50, 1:33, and 1:49
April 2011
* Monsterpalooza show 2011. :47 is a quick run of our art display
April 2011

* Monsterpalooza show 2011. Around 17 min you get to the Hyaena booth and Museum
April 2011

* "It Rubs Off" - an Erasable Group Show
March 2011

* Author & Artist, Matt Dukes Jordan visits Hyaena
March 2011

* Fear Finds - FearNet's Valentine's Day segment at Hyaena
February 2011

* Aidan Casserly's Live Caricature event commercial
February 2011

* Bonus Feature on Robert Galluzzo's "The Psycho Legacy" DVD
November 2010

* Necessary Discomforts: an Artistic Tribute to Rozz Williams
November 2010

* Ryan Wildstar reads from 'And What About the Bells?' at Rozz Williams Tribute
November 2010
* The Art of Stab! - Scream 4 art exhibit at Hyaena
November 2010

* Come & Take It Entertainment visits Hyaena
October 2010

* Amer Shihab interviewed by Girls & Corpses during our Corpsemas exhibit
December 2009

* La Carmina and friends visit Hyaena during our Pinky Violence exhibit
December 2009

* ArtistUnusual interview's Jeremy Cross during his "Anatomy of Faith" exhibit
October 2009

* Blood & Oil - Live painting with Clint Carney and Cam Rackam at Hyaena
June 27, 2009

* MishMash Magazine Interviews Bill Shafer, Clint Carney and Jeremy Cross
May 9, 2008

* Hyena's Killer Art Exhibit at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors
April 2009

* Big Tasty's "$20 Doodles" Monthly Live Drawing Event
April 2009

* Americas Bad Kids - Cottonmouth.TV Halloween Special at Hyaena
   Writer Steve Niles & Artist D.W. Frydendall - October 2008

* America's Bad Kids Episode 1 - Hyaena Gallery
January 2008

  (Check out the America's Bad Kids profiles on "Evil Paul" Springer, Big Tasty,
   DW Frydendall, Clint Carney, & Chuck Hodi)

* Big Tasty's Hyaena Gallery Commercial
January 2008

* Dave Navarro and Hyaena's Bill Shafer on Mania TV
Pt. 1 - May 2007 & Pt. 2 - May 2007

* Coloring Book Land Book Signing & Art Show with Jim Wirt
January 2007