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 Artist Submissions:

 Gallery Info:

The Hyaena Gallery hosts a new art exhibit
every month. Our space is an intimate
setting that is perfect for single-artist
or group exhibits.

Our goal is to create & promote an
artist-friendly environment that takes the
gallery concept out of the elitest headspace
and places it within the accessible reaches
of most people. It is a pure celebration of art
and a sharing of the artistic process.

The art we exhibit at Hyaena generally falls
in the of Dark Art, LowBrow Art,
Outsider Art, and Fine Art categories.
Before submitting your art to Hyaena, it is
advised that you spend some time looking
through our web site at the various
artists that we sell. This will give you
an idea of our general aesthetic here at
the gallery.

Our Rotating Exhibit Space consists of 3 walls:

A 9' length, 10' height wall...

If you are an artist who is interested in displaying your work at Hyaena,
Due to the amount of art submissions that
we receive it is important that you follow our
submission guidelines and give us all of the
information that we ask for.

Email all submissions Bill Shafer
to our new submission address:
( 2016submissions@hyaenagallery.com )

Submissions must include:

- A brief introduction which may or may not
include a résumé / exhibition history.

- A statement of intent listing the purpose of
your submission (i.e. applying for a solo
exhibit, a group show, or long term

A 14' length, 11' height wall
(inturrupted by a 3' doorway)...

- Include three to five examples of your
artwork that are available for sale. These
must be sent in jpg format (72dpi, not
exceeding 480 pixels in length or width)
Images not meeting these criteria will be
ignored and deleted.

- Include the following information for every
image you submit: title, size, media, and
retail selling price. Submissions without this
information will be ignored and deleted.

- Your name, mailing address, phone number,
email address, and links to your website
and/or other place where additional artwork
may be viewed.

Also, please be aware of these specific items:

- Any submissions without all of the above
required information will be ignored and deleted.


And a 6' length, 10' height wall.

- For our gallery shows, we are looking for
artists with a solid body of work for display
and a degree of professionalism. We make
our decisions based upon cohesiveness,
aesthetics, and marketability.

- Work in most media will be considered.
We do not do installation pieces, but we are
extremely open to whatever other concepts
you may propose for a memorable show.

- If you are not looking to sell your artwork
through Hyaena Gallery, do not submit it.
Please inquire about our space rental rates
if you are looking to display your artwork
without selling it.

- It is recommended that you visit the gallery
if possible before submitting, so you can get
a clear idea of exactly what we do here.

- Finally, please be patient in waiting for a
response. We receive a huge volume of art
submissions every week and we are not
always able process them promptly. At times
there is a two and three month gap between
receiving a submission and processing that

 We use a rail and cable system to hang each exhibit.

Here is what the Main Gallery Walls look like:

Thank You
Support Art
Outside the Mainstream.