- #Mayogate 2015 -
Open Challenge to Lou Rusconi and his Toilet People.

To end #Mayogate, I propose putting your toilet money where your mayo-mouth is. Let's settle this whole debacle the way things were
handled in less civilized times…with ART. If Lou Rusconi can manage to sell $800 worth of artwork through Hyaena by 12/31/15, then I,
Bill Shafer, will eat mayonnaise. Anyone who knows me will understand how horrifying even the thought of mayo is to me.

If Lou does not make the proposed sales goal, he must make a public apology to me for the entirety of #Mayogate. He will create a
drawing of himself being made humble by the Iron Sheik, and he will promise to defend me from anyone still wishing to participate
in #Mayogate.

If Lou can make the goal with the help of his Toilet People, I will formally apologize to Lou for my part in #Mayogate. I will then be tied
to a chair and blindfolded while Lou feeds me a spoonful of mayonnaise, the most disgusting thing on the face of the earth.
This event will be filmed and posted for the collective Toilet People. I do not want to do this, and I guarantee you it will never
happen again. My only caveat is that Lou supply me with a vomit bucket.

Mayogate Timeline:

Mayogate Progress:

Bill Shafer is interviewed by sickofyourcrap.com
and reveals a fear and loathing of mayonnaise.
#Mayogate begins.

8/28/15 - 11/14/15 Lou Rusconi begins a campaign of mayo terrorism
against Bill Shafer. Starting with subtle taunts of mayonnaise,
culminating in one major night of aggression. Lou encourages random
people to bring the awful condiment to Hyaena for the CineSlaughter
exhibit artist reception. Lou spreads false

11/15/15 After repeated attempts to get Lou to stop the mayo terror,
campaign Bill is forced to give him a negative
Yelp! review. Lou is outraged. His terrible behavior continues.

11/17/15 Lou's relentless attacks result in Bill giving him a negative Amazon review. Lou's supporters are angered and his attacks continue. His refusal to be a reasonable person results in all of his art being censored. Lou only becomes more disgusting.

11/18/15 Elite hacker group and social justice warriors, Anonymous, warn Lou to end what in now being called #Mayogate. Lou continues undaunted and Anonymous releases 10 facts about Lou Rusconi:
Fun Fact 1
Fun Fact 2
Fun Fact 3
Fun Fact 4
Fun Fact 5
Fun Fact 6
Fun Fact 7
Fun Fact 8
Fun Fact 9
Fun Fact 10
This also happens.

11/19/15 Shawn Lewis from Rottencotton.com forcibly imposes himself into the Shafer/Rusconi mayo war. He chooses the wrong side and is rewarded a negative Yelp! review. Rusconi and Rotten Cotton fans become enraged and the term "Toilet People" is coined to describe these terrible humans.

11/20/15 Lou refuses to back down. He issues a verbal challenge to Shafer.

11/22/15 "Someone" makes a "fake" Facebook profile pretending to be Lou Rusconi. The fake profile posts several apologies to Bill Shafer and asks his supporters to put an end to #Mayogate. The profile is sadly reported and deleted by toilet people.

11/22/15 Toilet person, Miranda Murry creates an obviously fake Yelp! review for Bill Shafer. She not only gets reported, but she incurs a negative Yelp! review of her own to stew upon. She private messages Bill and apologizes profusely. Bill forgives her. Lou Continues taunting Bill. Lou is not forgiven.

11/23/15 In response to relentless mayo taunts by Lou, a fight is proposed. Sizzler chooses a side in #mayogate.

11/23/15 A #Mayogate 2015 Wikipedia page is created and within hours is mysteriously taken down by a supposed toilet person.

11/25/15 Bill reveals, in an intimate video, the toll that #Mayogate has taken on him and those around him. He calls for #mayogate to end. Lou ignores him.

11/26/15 - 12/1/15 Bill endures a tireless barrage of insults, falsehoods, and mayo terrorism from Lou Rusconi and his toilet people.

12/2/15 Bill issues a challenge to end #Mayogate once and for all. The toilet people will pay.

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Artwork Here:

Each Purchase Brings Lou Closer to His Goal