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Current Gallery Show:

On Exhibit:

- Delphia & Franke Nardiello -

November 16 - November 30

(click here to view and purchase the artwork)

Opening Reception:
November 20th

Since the late eighties Franke Nardiello has best been
known as Groovie Mann, singer and songwriter for the
pioneering Industrial band My Life With the Thrill Kill
Kult. In this guise, he has toured the world and inspired
millions of fans with their hit singles, carefully crafted
albums and energetic live shows. Few realize, however,
that one of Franke's artistic strengths is manifest in
the field of photography. This exhibit pulls together a
small collection of his photographic work from the 70s
and 80s. Diehard Thrill Kill Kult fans may recognize
some of the images from the album covers, booklets,
and vinyl we've had in our collection for years. Don't
pass up this unique opportunity to own his rarely
exhibited work.

Delphia's art exists on a plane that transcends
traditional concepts of beauty and surreality and
fits comfortably among the likes of Salvadore Dali,
Dianne Arbus & Odd Nerdrum. Her paintings radiate
a shared intelligence and her use of acrylics rivals
the most seasoned oil painter in technique. Delphia
hints of a higher consciousness and brings a stark
realism to the painted surface. She finds beauty in the
darkness, horror in the beautific, and constantly
scratches at the conspiracies hidden from sight.

Together, they come together for one hell of an art show.

Original Artwork & Prints
Available for Sale

This Month's Featured Artist:

Next Gallery Show:

On Exhibit:

- Tatomir -
Transilvanicon: Conception

December 1 - Decmber 15

(click here to view and purchase the artwork)

Opening Reception:
December 4th

Original Artwork & Prints
Available for Sale

SPECIAL ONLINE EXHIBIT: Artwork Still Available Online

- The Psycho Legacy -

(click here to view and purchase the artwork)

In celebration of the DVD release of
Robert Galluzzo's New Documentary,
The Psycho Legacy...

A Psycho-Inspired ART EXHIBIT
Featuring the talents of: Nicolas Caesar,
Clint Carney, Chuck Hodi, Jeremy Cross,
Black Mass, Chris "The Creep" Densmore,
Cinder, Jared Konopitski, Char Hall,
Strephon Taylor, John Hageman Jr.,
& Lou Rusconi

Original Artwork & Prints
Available for Sale

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