- David Van Gough -

"MAN/SON and the Haunting of the American Madonna"

"From Aleister Crowley to Charles Manson, Liverpool to LA, MAN/SON explores
an artistic evocation of America’s occult underbelly. Taking cues from the bloody
epithets left at the crime scenes, such as Helter Skelter and Pigs, the series
draws upon David's own year-long research into what he terms as sinister
architecture, conspiracy, clandestine rituals, magic symbols and the tragic muse
-Sharon Tate - recapitulated as the American Madonna and child.

Provocative and violent, the paintings bring to mind a nightmarish acid trip
worthy of classic horror such as Rosemary’s Baby and The Shining. It’s work that
could only be produced by a paranoid mind bent on tapping into toxic echoes
from the past. One feels dread and anguish permeating the brush strokes. The
work is inhuman and utterly grotesque. I’m reveling in every portrait of an era I’ve
only experienced in true crime paperbacks." - Dahlia Jane

Original Artwork For Sale (click image for larger picture):

"The Return of Eris of Troy -
the Teutonic Crusades"
by David Van Gough
oil on canvas

"Death and the Maiden"
by David Van Gough
11"x14" unframed
oil on canvas


"Death of the 60s"
by David Van Gough
11"x14" unframed
oil on canvas


Prints For Sale (click image for larger picture):

David Van Gough
Exhibit Poster

10/1/12 - 10/31/12
Edition of 25

by David Van Gough
11"x14" unframed
signed print

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