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- Crystal Barbre -

...All of These Pieces Have Previously Sold...

To see artwork from this artist that is for sale...
Please Click Here

(click image for larger picture):

"Panthera Tigris"
24"x24" unframed
oil on canvas

"Capra Aegagrus Hircus"
10"x22" unframed
oil on panel

"Vulpes Vulpes"
12"x16" unframed
oil on panel

14"x11" unframed
oil on panel

10"x22" unframed
oil on panel

"The Bird Has a Four
Chambered Heart"

19"x25" framed
oil on canvas

"Panthera Leo"
48"x36" unframed
oil on panel

"The Augur"
24"x16" framed
oil on canvas


26"x48" unframed
oil on canvas

To see artwork from this artist that is for sale...Please Click Here