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Bukowski's LA
a group show -

Original Artwork For Sale (click image for larger picture):

"Alone With Everbody"
by Aaron White
24"x24" unframed
mixed media on panel

"Go All the Way"
by Scott Aicher
20"x16" framed
acrylic on canvas

"Buk, based on a photo
by Sam Cherry"
by Dani Tull
5"x7" framed
graphite on paper

"III in the Well"
by Christine Curry
11"x14" framed
giclee print

"His One True Love?"
by Walt MEyers
7"x10" unframed
ink & graphite on paper

"Hank Meets Tinker-Beat"
by Louis Hansell
8"x10" unframed
acrylic on canvas

"Papa Bukowski"
by Kelly Marie &
Louis Hansell

5"x7" unframed
acrylic on canvas

"LaBrea & 1st"
by Elvis Segarich
11"x14" framed
stencil & photo

"Bukowski, I"
by Chicken Bone
23"x23" framed
acrylic on silk & board

"Sketch of a Dirty
Old Man"
by Chicken Bone
9.5"x9.5" framed
graphite on
watercolor paper

"Steel Reserves from
the Future"
by Colin Ambulance
17"x11" unframed
mixed media on paper


by R. Biggs
10"x12" framed
oil on panel

"Portrait of Bukowski"
by Gregg Gibbs
8"x10" framed
oil on panel

"Plucking Feathers from
a Street Bird"
by Jennifer Randall
12"x10" unframed
mixed media collage

by Sam Suicide
12"x5.5" framed
ink & marker on paper

"Bukowski Cubed"
by Ken Shaw
mixed media

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